Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Thoughts on the Robots 2014 | Program


1. Let's all hope this marks the high water mark of the "but its for our privacy" crowd.

Privacy will not be an issue when Robots (including Drones) are fully integrated into the National Airspace because detect and avoid will be networked into the Internet of Things.

Your smart phone (or other PED) will tell you what devices are operating near you, by whom, and what they are about.

No legitimate owner or operator will oppose such.

More importantly, the truly great potential of Robots and Drones will be there ability to swarm (and multitask).

  • The autonomous crop duster can divert to a nearby highway to aid with a truck accident.
  • The real estate agent's drop can divert to aid in the search of some one who has slipped away from an elderly care facility.
In sum, because they start in the wrong place---looking at the technology in an adversarial way---they miss the point. The power of the technology lies within its capacity to network, i.e, to cooperate.

2. The condescension and arrogance of the chicken little, sky is falling, "but its our privacy crowd" is stunning. There was no a single representative present of our suburban and urban lower income communities, who have the most to gain from far better police protection and law enforcement, but there were plenty of people ready, willing, and able to speak for their "Rights."

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