Monday, May 13, 2013

Why HB46 needs to fade into history: Can Drones Help Restore Lights After Disasters?

The Electric Power Research Institute's (EPRI) is exploring the possible use of drones and how soon the industry might put them to use. Matthew Olearcyzk, head of EPRI's drone program, explains his findings in the video, below.

Early during the 2013 session I twice traveled to Jefferson City to educate against House Bill 46. It was an incredibly frustrating process for, needing $500 millions in repairs, our State Capital Building is the last place  where any education can take place. There are no electrical outlets, there are no meeting rooms, there are no screens or black or white boards, there is limited bandwidth, and most of all, there is no time.

We have 200 amateurs, poorly paid and expensed to embarrassment, doing their level best to do the public's  business with scant chance of success on an issue of any complexity.

It would have been useful if, during those visits, there would have been someway to collectively educated the General Assembly about how specific industries could use drones. I carried a lap top with demonstrations of uses in new construction. It would have been very helpful have been able to show, and the Committee had time to listen to this video.