Monday, May 13, 2013

Another First! Drone Harassment. It was bound to happen.


So This Is How It Begins: Guy Refuses to Stop Drone-Spying on Seattle Woman

The few known facts:

This afternoon, a stranger set an aerial drone into flight over my yard and beside my house near Miller Playfield. I initially mistook its noisy buzzing for a weed-whacker on this warm spring day. After several minutes, I looked out my third-story window to see a drone hovering a few feet away. My husband went to talk to the man on the sidewalk outside our home who was operating the drone with a remote control, to ask him to not fly his drone near our home. The man insisted that it is legal for him to fly an aerial drone over our yard and adjacent to our windows. He noted that the drone has a camera, which transmits images he viewed through a set of glasses. He purported to be doing "research". We are extremely concerned, as he could very easily be a criminal who plans to break into our house or a peeping-tom.

John Villasenor wisely asked, “What kind of drone was it? How was it flown? These questions would be instrumental to determining whether it was operated in accordance with FAA regulations?

But, it seems to me he missed an important question. Seems to me that we should be talking about, if reasonably asked, whether the drone operator should have produced a government issued id, permitted it to be copied, and proof of insurance. And, there is no reason why he should not have been required to answer an on video query, What are you about (made a sworn statement subject to penalties of perjury under state law)?

If people won’t be civil?