Sunday, April 14, 2013

Expressive Rights, including Art in the Sky, and Journalism

49 drones light up the sky in art installation

An Austrian art and technology group has put together an interesting and possibly record-breaking show by sending 49 tiny drones into the air, outfitted with lights, to dance and form shapes during a festival.

The art institution, Ars Electronica, has been planning the Sept. 1 show for a few months, and although it's not quite as impressive technically as the martial demonstrations of military drones, it's a lot prettier. They've cut it together artistically in this video:

Unmanned Drones Over Occupy Wall Street: The “Occupy” Movement and the First Amendment 

John A. Humbach, Privacy and the Right of Free Expression,11 First Amendment L. Rev. 16 (2012)

Privacy Concerns Shouldn’t Ground Journalism Drones